Shimmer Paint Sparkle Spray

Want to use our Shimmer Paint as a spray? Here’s how:

  • Use a 4 oz spray bottle [Amazon – this link is for 24 bottles but I think you can order less – I have been selling them to my stampers for $1 each].
  • Empty the whole bottle of Champagne Shimmer Paint into the spray bottle. Put some alcohol into the shimmer paint bottle – shake and empty into the spray bottle. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until every bit of the shimmer paint is out of that little bottle! I also dumped the ball bearing into the spray bottle also.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with alcohol – 70% or 90% – either works!
  • Shake, shake, shake & spray! Do place whatever you are spraying into a protective box or someplace where any overspray won’t ruin anything around it.

You can order the shimmer paint from my online store:

Enjoy that sparkle!!