Where Have I Been you ask?

I think you might have noticed that I have been MIA for several weeks.  I’m okay – just life! You know how that goes! But I’m back – and I hope I won’t have to take that long a break again!

I missed posting all the cards for the last couple of months.  They are mostly seasonal and we are looking towards spring at this point in our cardmaking – but I want you to have access to them.  So . . . I am going to post all the cards you have ‘missed’ just below – a thumbnail of the card with a link to download the PDF Instruction sheet. 

Following that, I will begin to post the individual cards again – so stay tuned.

Don’t just pass these by. Take a minute and check them all out. They might be seasonal but there’s some great ideas included in these cards! Save the PDF file for ideas for any season cards!!

Stay tuned – Much more to come!

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